23rd Sugarscar

by Flowr Pit

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I recorded this song (guitar, bass, etc.) and mixed it by myself without other people's intervention whatsoever, so pardon me if it doesn't sound perfect haha.

Happy 20th birthday to you Dee, I hope all the positivity always surrounds you wherever you roam, whoever you hang out with, and whatever you're accomplishing. Sorry I couldn't give you "real" present, but I hope this song could stay longer if not forever.

Read the lyrics carefully coz i've put your name somewhere in it ;)


My heart is beating
Chest is glowing
Like million stars in a milky way
Tracing its light through another day

How are you tonight?
I hope you're alright
Don't let the anxiety
Slippin' through your memory

I'm sorry sugarscar
I didn't intend to push you away
I'm sorry sugarscar
I hope you'll find a better way

Rest a moment
Pour some dreamin'
Kill another light
With all the sign of a distant love

Draw me portraits
Of tomorrow
So I could stare at those
Romantic and immortal colours

I'm sorry sugarscar
I always wanted to make you stay
I'm sorry sugarscar
But I could never dare to say


released August 24, 2016




Flowr Pit Jakarta, Indonesia

this is flowr pit and i love y'all


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